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this is My art I hope you like it please leave a comment~<3


these are My faves they are awesome adorable and sexy thank you all for drawing them keep it up!




Artist | Traditional Art
United States

Current Residence: OMG! My house
Favorite style of art: ANIME!!!
Personal Quote: I use quotes from T.V shows......
Tales of Symphonia OVA Stamp by RedheadkittenToS Stamp by LinitaaToS: Idiot Heroes by NightfootToS - Regal Bryant Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Colette Brunel Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestRQ Stamp: Emil/Ritcher by anobouzuSheelos stamp by Gezusfreekyggdrasill stamp by AsakuraMeiToS2 - Richter Abend Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS2 - Emil Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Refill Sage Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Zelos Wilder Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestLloydXColette stamp by AmethistTheElfMithos by Midnight-ZephyrRichter x Emil Stamp by EngelchenYugi
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I support BROTHERLY love by ChikitaWolf
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how evil are you? meme :Orochimaru

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 12:08 AM
again I am doing a meme as Orochimaru, :iconorichimarumadplz:  and THIS time I want to do it as him because this meme is a test on how "evil" you are so I want to see how Evil Orochimaru is lol!

() You have made a little kid cry.

(X) You have threatened someone and meant it seriously (more people then you know)

(x) You have beat someone up.

() You have stolen money from someone

() People have called you a brat (they better not)

(X) You spend all of your time bossing people around (well yes exactly)

(X) You have wanted someone/something to die (hahahaha!!)

(x) You have killed someone (many)

(x) You yell a lot

(x) You have punched someone

() You have stolen something from the store (not from the store.....much more important things like jutsu HAHAHAHA!)

(XXX) You push people around a lot

(/) You wear a lot of black (well yes and no, it depends on what you call a lot)

() You hate the light

(x) You are always breaking the rules (fuck the rules! I'll do what I want if they stand in My way I'm breaking them!)

() You have skipped school (no)

() At school you are a bully (no...not at that time and I am no longer in school)

(x) You get mad easily

(x) You have tons of enemies (a whole village in the least)

(x) You barely have any friends (weeeeell I have many servant...idk about actual "friends" hahaha!)

(/) You lie a lot (noooooo)

() You hate school work more than anything (how does that make you evil exactly?...that just makes you stupid or lazy haha!)

() You pull tons of pranks on people (nah too busy really messing them up)

(/) You think it's funny when people die (well if I don't like them or they deserve it then yes I laugh)

(x) You like making people suffer (I can't lie there)

(/) You love blood (it's so so)

(?) You know how to shoot a gun (I've never tried)

(X) You have called someone stupid (HOLY SHIT WHO HASN'T? I DO IT LIKE EVERYDAY hmhmhm)

(x)You like horror movies (sure)

(x) You like violent things

(x) You have attempted to kill someone (I hate it when it fails)

(x) You love the sound of screaming (most definitely!)

(x) You are happy when people are injured (if I don't like them or they deserve it)

Total: 23
Multiply that shit by 3
I am 69% evil...... REALLLLLYYYYYYY!? REALLY!? 69!?!?!? LOL REALLY!?

  • Mood: Horny
  • Listening to: lollipop Luxury
  • Reading: a conversation in a note
  • Watching: some shit unfold
  • Playing: with Kabuto again
  • Eating: Kabuto
  • Drinking: more Kabuto


you watch me, but have you looked through My whole gallery? 

8 deviants said yes of course ^3^
5 deviants said no PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!
3 deviants said no, but I will now!
1 deviant said nope
1 deviant said no, and I wont
No deviants said I don't watch you for your art


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Thanks for the fav's :)
I miss you SO MUCHIES!
animelover4343 1 day ago   Traditional Artist
OH HELLO!!! *super glomps* HI HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!?
I have missed you so much I was getting lonely :cling:
animelover4343 6 hours ago   Traditional Artist
aaawww! I'm sorry! :huggle: your birthday is in two days how exciting!
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